Sue McPhee, MEd, M.A., LMT, RMT
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Regarding massage and bodywork:

"Why do I get regular massages from Sue McPhee?  I intend to live a long and healthy life.  I am a hiker, and I push my body to the limit every possible weekend.  I first found my way to Sue McPhee’s door to help my muscles recover from the many miles of consistent climbing up and down the White Mountains.  I soon found that Sue’s massages go beyond the physical.  They soothe frayed nerves, and help bring peace to my spirit.  My sleep has improved, as I enter into a deeper level of sleep after a massage."   Jackie S.

"I have been going to Sue for massage therapy for over 5 years.  I moved out of state a year ago, but continue to drive to Hillsborough to get my "Sue fix"!  Sue not only has amazing massage techniques, she also has such a healing and soothing nature that your entire being is de-stressed.  I have neck and back issues and Sue knows exactly how to relieve that pain.  I like to stay active, so after hiking, skiing or biking, I know I can soothe my stiff and sore muscles with a visit to Sue.  I have recommended Sue to my family and friends and all have been thrilled with her fabulous massages and caring personality."   Andrea K, teacher



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